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Ridgeview Hospital: Tailoring Our Services to the Needs of the Community

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The treatment services at Ridgeview are based on a medical staff model with a licensed physician responsible for the quality and appropriateness of care. The multi-disciplinary treatment team, working under the supervision of the physician, is composed of licensed and credentialed staff, highly trained and experienced in effectively implementing treatment plan objectives. All patients who are approved for admission will be treated with dignity and respect within a milieu that is conducive to their long-term recovery.

In an effort to best serve its treatment community, Ridgeview Hospital will continuously improve its inpatient psychiatric program to be consistent with the community’s needs. The service components are designed primarily for adults between 18-75 years of age, who experience mental health issues serious enough to require an inpatient level of care, or, those who experience the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and addiction issues of the same severity. Specialized treatment interventions are developed based on population need and patient census.

During a patient’s stay at Ridgeview Hospital, they can expect:

  • 24-hour care
  • A skilled, multi-disciplinary staff
  • A countryside location, which assures anonymity & tranquility
  • Private and semi private rooms
  • Board-certified psychiatrists, therapists & physicians
  • A fully-stocked cafeteria, with meals that can be modified to fit your dietary needs
  • An affiliated pharmacy that can supply necessary, prescribed medication
  • Fitness programs
  • Individualized, group & family therapy sessions
  • 12-step programs (for those with dual diagnosis)
  • We will work tirelessly to overcome barriers
  • We believe that each person is unique
  • Our patients can achieve abstinence from mood-altering substances (for those with dual diagnosis)
  • The healing process is often holistic, and encompass body, mind, spirit, & community
  • Our patients can build positive, caring relationships
  • We embrace values, traditions, culture, & family
  • Hope should not only begin the recovery process, but end it as well

The Facility

Ridgeview front of building Ridgeview Hospital is a 20-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital that is committed to providing the highest quality of care to individuals dealing with mental health issues, or mental health issues with co-occurring chemical addictions.

We are located in Middle Point, Ohio, just an hour’s drive from Fort Wayne, and approximately 2 hours northwest of Colombus. In our facility, you will discover the quiet, tranquility, and accomodating care that only a small town can provide. Should you need transportation, we will be happy to provide it.
Front of building Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital

Accredited, Experienced, and Focused on Our Patients

Ridgeview Hospital is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and accredited as a hospital by The Joint Commission, and is staffed by doctors, therapists, nursing staff, and administration which meet strict academic & experience standards.

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic treatment and educational services for adults, through an integrated delivery system, and are affiliated with pharmacists and specialists who will meet your medicinal & dietary needs.

At Ridgeview, we believe that recovery can be, and is, achieved when an individual with the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and addiction (dual diagnosis) learns to manage both illnesses, so thatthey may pursue meaningful life goals. Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.