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Do Addictive Personality Traits Predict Addiction?

 An addictive personality refers to a combination of addictive traits that, in theory, predispose a person to addiction. However, the concept of the addictive personality is debated. So what are addictive personality traits and do they really offer insight into future addictions? Learn more about the most frequently reported addictive personality traits and how they […]

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Crystal Meth Addiction: New Treatments on the Horizon

 Crystal meth addiction is an incredibly challenging disorder to beat, and many people struggling with this substance use disorder are left wondering how to get off of meth safely and effectively. However, there are new, groundbreaking treatment options that could help you begin your journey toward recovery. With this new treatment, you might be […]

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What’s the Connection Between Sleep Quality and Addiction Recovery?

Finding long-term addiction recovery involves more than just getting and staying sober. Recovery is a process that involves your mental, emotional, and physical health. However, poor sleep quality can greatly impact your ability to recover.  So, what exactly is the connection between sleep quality and addiction recovery? We’re sharing why it’s so important to have […]

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