group therapy
Group meeting talking about rehab program

Benefits of Getting Help at an Addiction Recovery Center

If you’ve recently decided to quit using drugs or alcohol, congratulations! This step marks the beginning of your path toward long-term recovery. While you may feel tempted to simply stop using and go cold turkey at home, but first you should consider the benefits of getting help at a drug and alcohol recovery center. Wanting...
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Group therapy circle in Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital talking about mental illness

Group Therapy Activities for Adults with Mental Illness

Psychotherapy is a vital part of treating mental health disorders, chronic conditions, and addiction. There are many types of activity, but patients can find unique benefits and challenges in a group setting. Group environments provide an opportunity for peers to share experiences and challenges and grow together. It’s an integral, evidence-based part of treatment that’s...
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best treatment for schizophrenia

What Are the Best Treatments for Schizophrenia in 2022?

Mental health therapies are always evolving as new research develops. And this is particularly true with schizophrenia, which is often considered to be one of the most severe mental health conditions. While it is always important for people who need it to seek mental health care, this is doubly true of individuals living with schizophrenia,...
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