woman drinking alcohol

Am I an Alcoholic? – How to Know and What to Do About It

Enjoying alcohol is a popular activity among adults, which can make answering the question, “Am I an alcoholic?” difficult. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 86.3 percent of people ages 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime. Over half of people reported that they...
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Group meeting talking about rehab program

Benefits of Getting Help at an Addiction Recovery Center

If you’ve recently decided to quit using drugs or alcohol, congratulations! This step marks the beginning of your path toward long-term recovery. While you may feel tempted to simply stop using and go cold turkey at home, but first you should consider the benefits of getting help at a drug and alcohol recovery center. Wanting...
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5 Things To Expect During Your First Sober Family Holiday

The first year of sobriety can be an emotional rollercoaster. It may feel especially difficult to stay sober during the holidays. For most people, balancing holiday events, family gatherings, and many responsibilities, along with added financial pressure can make it tempting to use, especially if you’re newly sober. But you can fight back against these...
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Does Medicare Cover Detox?

In the best-case scenarios, navigating health insurance and Medicare can be challenging. Many patients aren’t sure what drug rehab services are covered, or if/how Medicare covers detox. Thankfully, we are here as a resource for all of these questions and more. In this article, we’ll explain whether or not Medicare covers detox and give you...
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Group therapy circle in Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital talking about mental illness

Group Therapy Activities for Adults with Mental Illness

Psychotherapy is a vital part of treating mental health disorders, chronic conditions, and addiction. There are many types of activity, but patients can find unique benefits and challenges in a group setting. Group environments provide an opportunity for peers to share experiences and challenges and grow together. It’s an integral, evidence-based part of treatment that’s...
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Group meeting talking about outpatient alcohol treatment

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment: What Is It?

Alcoholism is on the rise in the United States. According to a recent study from the Journal of the America Medical Association, one in eight adults meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism is a serious disease, but it is treatable. Outpatient alcohol treatment gives clients the benefit of medical care, individual therapy,...
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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the 4th of July

If you’ve already put some time into your recovery, non-alcoholic drinks could be a fun way for you to join in on the 4th of July celebrations. By bringing your own drinks with you to a party or barbecue, you can avoid awkward conversations about why you’re not drinking. Keep in mind that even alcohol-free...
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man with shaky hands after drinking - illustration

Alcohol Shakes and Other Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Long-term alcohol abuse carries with it a lot of negative side-effects, such as drinker’s nose, alcoholic eyes, and stomach problems. One of these symptoms is alcohol shakes, also known as alcohol tremors. It manifests as uncontrollable, erratic movement of the hands that begin as soon as 12 hours after the last drink. Alcohol shakes are...
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Is Addiction Genetic? Understanding Your Risk for a Drug or Alcohol Use Disorder

There is a link between genetics and addiction. In fact, some studies show hereditary factors make up about 50-75% of substance abuse and addiction. Here’s how to know if you’re at risk. Is Addiction Genetic or Learned? For a very long time, scientists, academics, and others debated the question of nature vs. nurture. They wanted...
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The 5 Stages of Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

When you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, recovery can seem like an impossible task. However, the substance abuse recovery process is actually something that you can achieve once you know about the five stages of recovery. Through the stages of recovery, you will learn where to start with your recovery treatment...
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