How Long Does It Take to Detox from Meth - infographic

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Meth

 An antidote for meth addiction? Doctors say it’s quite possible – Sodium Chloride injection. The video above discusses an experimental treatment that successfully helped 10 out of 10 patients overcome meth addiction. This treatment involves a combination of medication and therapy, potentially offering a breakthrough in addiction recovery.   How long does it take...
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Group meeting talking about the dual diagnosis treatment near Delphos

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Near Delphos, Ohio

 For some people, conventional rehab just doesn’t work. They attend addiction recovery programs, they try their best, but they still feel an intense need to drink or use drugs. For these individuals, they are most likely suffering from a combination of mental illness and substance abuse. These are called co-occurring disorders, and the only...
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Depression Awareness: Signs of Depression & Addiction

What is Depression?  For most of us, feeling depressed is a very normal part of life. Following the loss of a loved one or some of life’s tougher challenges, feeling sad or depressed is all but expected. However, when that sadness becomes intense, includes feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, and lasts for many days...
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Are you taking SSRI - illustration

Serotonin Syndrome: Are You at Risk?

 Serotonin syndrome is a serious, life-threatening medical condition that can happen to people who are trying to better their mental health. If you are somebody who takes medications for your mental health, you might be at risk for this condition and all of its complicated symptoms. Below, you will find all the information you...
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Cycle of Psychological Addiction - infographic

The Vicious Cycle of Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression and addiction often work in cycles together. One may even contribute directly to another. Those suffering from depression have an increased likelihood of substance abuse while those with a substance use disorder are at an increased risk for depression. It’s a vicious cycle.  The majority of people with a depressive disorder who abuse substances...
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A man suffering from undiagnosed dual diagnosis symptoms struggles while self-medicating.

What is Dual Diagnosis?: The Intersection of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Navigating the complex terrain of mental health and substance abuse can be overwhelming, especially when they co-occur. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the topic of dual diagnosis, shedding light on the various mental health conditions often linked with substance abuse, and why specialized treatment is imperative. Whether you or a loved one...
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An image of a woman offering mental illness help to a friend

How to Help Someone with Mental Illness

In any given year, one in five adults in America grapples with mental illness, making the need for mental illness help more crucial than ever. The task of assisting a loved one dealing with mental illness can often feel overwhelming. How do you approach them? What are the available mental health services? And what can...
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A man, feeling passively suicidal, holding his head in his hands.

Passively Suicidal: A Warning Sign You Should Never Ignore

Every year, 47,500 people die from suicide in the United States. Suicide is so common, in fact, that for people under the age of 35, it’s the second-leading cause of death. Younger adults are especially vulnerable—over one in ten American adults aged 18-25 report having experienced suicidal thoughts. But, contrary to popular belief, suicide rarely...
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how to get out of a depressive episode

How to Get Out of a Depressive Episode

Everyone goes through funks in life—times where nothing seems to go right. Thankfully, these sad periods tend to go away on their own without causing too much disturbance to daily life. But sometimes, these sad periods are much more severe, and they don’t seem to go away easily. These are depressive episodes, and they can...
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