Quit Drinking while using Chantix - illustration

Why You Shouldn’t Combine Chantix and Alcohol

 When you take a look at the side effects of Champix, Chantix, Varenicline or Tyrvaya, a drug meant to help people stop smoking cigarettes, you will learn that Chantix has an effect on alcohol use as well. Specifically, taking Chantix can reduce the user’s tolerance for drinking alcohol. Naturally, this leaves people wondering whether...
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Meth Psychosis: The Hows and Whys of Getting Help

Meth psychosis isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when the general population considers the effects of meth use. Symptoms of meth use, like sores on the face, weight loss, and rotting teeth are more commonly known. However, meth psychosis is a serious symptom of meth use that is estimated to affect up to 40...
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