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The Most Important Coping Skills In Recovery

Although many people who suffer from addiction find a way to sobriety, relapse is surprisingly common. In fact, among patients who have entered addiction recovery, 40-60% experience a relapse. While relapsing is not unexpected, it can sometimes come with dangerous consequences. For example, people who recover from addiction and start reusing drugs and alcohol may...
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Cycle of Psychological Addiction - infographic

The Vicious Cycle of Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression and addiction often work in cycles together. One may even contribute directly to another. Those suffering from depression have an increased likelihood of substance abuse while those with a substance use disorder are at an increased risk for depression. It’s a vicious cycle.  The majority of people with a depressive disorder who abuse substances...
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A man suffering from undiagnosed dual diagnosis symptoms struggles while self-medicating.

What is Dual Diagnosis?: The Intersection of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Navigating the complex terrain of mental health and substance abuse can be overwhelming, especially when they co-occur. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the topic of dual diagnosis, shedding light on the various mental health conditions often linked with substance abuse, and why specialized treatment is imperative. Whether you or a loved one...
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Best Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Middle Point

Your life might feel like it’s spinning out of control right now, or maybe a loved one is struggling and you don’t know what to do. Whatever it is that has brought you here today, we’re here to help. Finding the best substance abuse treatment center is an important step in building the foundation for...
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